Annual Conference of Dramaturgische Gesellschaft

Berlin Diagonale january 30, 2016

Berlin Performing Arts Festival

Berlin Diagonale may 28, 2016

Tanz im August

Berlin Diagonale august 27, 2016

Berlin Diagonale at Tanz im August
Dock 11 Saturday, 27. August 2016

Date Saturday, 27.8.2016, 11:00 – 14:00 Uhr

Berlin Diagonale was already present at Tanz im August in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and offered diverse insights in the independently produced dance and performance community of Berlin.

We are once again warmly inviting all colleagues, visiting industry professionals and (inter)national curators to get to know independent groups and artists from Berlin. At Berlin Diagonale they will provide insight into their work and an overview of coming projects over the course of table conversations.



Fotocredit: Kristin Schmidt

Participating Artists, Groups and Venues

Angela Lamprianidou
Angela Lamprianidou has studied choreography and new techniques of interpretation at the Institut del Teatre, Barcelona, where she spent many years living and working. She has collaborated with theatres like Mercat de les Flors, the National Theatre of Catalonia and various underground and off-theatre groups. Her work has been described as „appearing like conspiracies, with a looping logic and a certain tenaciousness, when it comes to understanding/appreciating pure energy.“(R. Serafide, dance critic).

Barbara Berti
Choreographer and dancer, working in Berlin since 2011. In the last years she developed an approach to dance performance, which represents also a part of her research, in which an interaction is created on stage in order to examine the relationship between the audience and the performers. Her style is rooted in physical theatre and dance; she explored different techniques in contemporary dance, contact and Body-Mind Centering approaches.

Christine Bonansea Company
Christine Bonansea is dancer, choreographer, director of Christine Bonansea Company.
She studied at EXERCE CCN - Mathilde Monnier and performed with companies including Faustin Linyekula, Sara Shelton Mann, Tino Seghal.
Resident artist in the international programs, the company toured in Europe, USA, Canada and Japan.
She’s supported by the Theater Bay Area Cash Grant, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, the American Dance Abroad, the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

Mindora’s work involves design, performance, scenography, staging and choreography. She was trained at the LSCD, the LABAN and the Arts Ed and then went on to found the new company Mindora in 2014 in Berlin with the objective to transmit her know-how to younger generations eager to break the rigid codes of classical dance schools and genre boundaries. Mindora’s professors of Anatomic Release Technique and  Contact Improvisation include Steve Paxton, Patricia Kuypers and David Hamilton.

Efrat Stempler
Efrat Stempler: Choreograpy/Dramaturgy/Workshops. Grown up in Tel Aviv, Efrat works in Berlin since 2004. 1995-1998 she danced in the Bat-Sheva and Barak Marshall dance companies. In 2001 she finished Theatre Directing Studies in the Tel Aviv University. Between 2002 and 2015 she worked as a dancer and co-worker in MS Schrittmacher company. In 2006 she founded her own company - cie Efrat Stempler. Since 2008 she also works as a choreographer for theater in Poland, Germany and Switzerland. Efrat is teaching professional dance classes and works with young adults on physical theatre projects.

Emily Jeffries
Emily Jeffries is a Berlin-based dancer, choreographer and researcher. She utilizes language, movement, theory and research to explore the socio-political possibilities for transformation and embodiment of empathy in her performances. Her works are developed through a rich process of detailed practise-based research. Currently, her work pulls from philosophy and movement methodology, which incorporates: kinesthetic empathy, object affordance, improvisational becoming, embodied metaphor, and the ontology of sexuality.

Grande Giro / Lea Lechler
Grande Giro was founded in 2013, resulting from Lea Lechler, Valentina Bianda and Daniele Bianco´s meeting after the Physical Theatre Degree at Accademia Teatro Dimitri, CH. Grande Giro is a mix of different experiences and careers, the actual research is open to different media: dance, music, word and video. The main aim of the company is to begin each research and work from the body and its language.

Hyoung-Min Kim
Hyoung-Min Kim (1980) is from South Korea and Berlin-based artist.
She studied at the Korean National University of Art (1998-2002), EDDC(2003-2004) and Das Choreography (2015-2016).
Since 2002 she has created her work and has shown it in Düsseldorf, Winterthur, Zürich, Amsterdam, Seoul, Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin and other places.
She was awarded ‘Best Piece of the Year 2014’ by Korean critics with ‘Gelbe Landschaften’ and ‘The story of those who left’.

María Ferrara
María Ferrara studied acting in Madrid in 1996-1999 and continued her training with contemporary dance and voice. She has worked with various theatre companies in Spain and England. In January 2014 María moved to Berlin. In 2015 she performed in "Solo on the Move #1", which was funded by the District of Pankow. Her dance solo "Zeitgenössischer Glanz" (also funded by Pankow District) follows the same interest in the everyday as her instant-composition series "Everyday Pieces".

Martha Hincapié
Choreographer, Performer, Dance Curator. Studied Dance at the Folkwang University Essen with Pina Bausch. She founded the German-Colombian group Periferic Berlin/Bogotá, obtained the Prize of the Audience at the Festival 100° Berlin and was nominated for the national dance prize in Colombia. She got the Einstiegsförderung and the Tanzstipendium from the Berliner Senat. She is artistic director of Plataforma Berlin 2016 - Iberoamerican Festival and curator for the Dance Biennale in Cali, Colombia.

MS Schrittmacher
MS Schrittmacher grapple for nearly 18 years in various formats with socio-political issues. The group operates at the interface of dance, drama, performance and installation, working increasingly in recent years in public space and experimenting with new formats audience. After their two-year examination of the financial crisis, MS Schrittmacher 2016/17 deal with the different faces of war.

Oren Lazovski
The Israeli born Oren Lazovski lives in Berlin since 2006 working as freelance dancer and choreographer in Berlin and Europe. He teaches “The Lazovski method“ - which emphasis the integration of an musical instrument in the body and upon it he uses it as a tool for research and creation. The next upcoming premiere of his new project -„NO-MAD - Interactives Tanzkonzert”, will take place on the 23.10.2106 at Radial System V - as part of the ID Festival Berlin 2016

Ren Saibara
Ren Saibara is Performer, actress and director from Japan. She founded there the artist collective ACTNETWORK. She studied German in Tokyo and Historic Urbanism in Berlin. She has participated in Japan at several international theater festivals. In her works she compares Japanese perspective with European to call the globally several times comprehensive mechanism and thought in current social problems into question.