Annual Conference of Dramaturgische Gesellschaft

Berlin Diagonale january 30, 2016

Berlin Performing Arts Festival

Berlin Diagonale may 28, 2016

Tanz im August

Berlin Diagonale august 27, 2016

Berlin Diagonale at the Annual Conference of Dramaturgische Gesellschaft
Theaterdiscounter Saturday, 30. January 2016

Date Saturday, 30.1.2016, 12:00 – 15:00 Uhr

Theaterdiscounters large hall offers the space for exchange, networking and presentation to artists, venues and companies of Berlin’s independent performing arts community.

More than 20 Berlin-based artists will provide a variety of impressions of their work and give previews of upcoming shows - using information booths, mattresses, videos, models, projections, live moments and walking acts. All tailored to the theme of the conference Was tun. Politsches Handeln jetzt. (Do Something. Political Action Now.).  
We warmly invite all visiting industry professionals and (inter)national curators, colleagues and interested guests to take this opportunity to familiarize themselves with the working methods and productions produced in Berlin.

Fotocredit: Stefan Röhl

Beteiligte Künstlerinnen, Gruppen und Spielstätten

Abteilung T/A/T der EGfKA

EGfKA is a Berlin-based and yet Europe-wide engaged collaborative network of theatre artists, researchers and activists, founded in 2011 subsequently after several research trips to crisis-ridden Greece. Since then the group has worked in self-developed discourse-, theatre- and performance-formats in order to stimulate social and political imagination beyond the status quo. The aim of the group is to establish a consensus between political content and its particular mode of production.

Agentur für Anerkennung

AGENTUR FÜR ANERKENNUNG is a performance company as well as a platform for social recognition. Next to literary and theoretical texts we particularly focus on personal experiences of the participating artists. We condense their stories to dramatic scenes, and by adding comments, songs and various stage actions we develop an adequate form for each of our topics. Through this personal approach we invite our audience to participate in our research of new forms of society.


anonymoUS is a completely anonymous group of performers with a background in theater, film and television. All members perform only masked and with distorted voices. They stay anonymous infinitely. The group was launched in 2015 and keeps growing in various cities. So far, the group has been presented by Ballhaus Ost, PAP Berlin and Unidram Festival Potsdam - but will deny these credits soon.  

Blöchle / Fornezzi
Since 2013 Blöchle/Fornezzi work in different collaborations across disciplines. Currently the long-term performance projekt RFID choreographies in collaboration with Désirée Meul asks about artistic strategies of acquirement in different existing systems. Influenced by post-conceptualism Blöchle/Fornezzi work on performances, which provoke the political potential of subversiv-affirmative strategies.


bücking&kröger is a choreographer-duo founded in 2014 dealing in the broadest sense with dance, architecture, performance and social sculpture. After their first two short pieces  the wallß//exercise on borders (ada Studio, Berlin; Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein) and sujets trouvés (ArtOrt, Heidelberg) bücking&kröger are currently working on their first full-length production Narragonien (working title) which will be premiered in February 2016 at the theatre Dock11 in Berlin.

Christoph Winkler

Christoph Winkler is one of the most versatile choreographers in Germany. His work deals with topics both of a very personal nature as well as highly political contributions to current social discourse. Born in the GDR, he received training at the National Ballet School Berlin and the prestigious School for Drama “Ernst Busch”, before consciously choosing in 1998 to continue working as an independent choreographer in Berlin.

Despina Kapetanaki

Performer and theatre scientist based in Berlin.The focus of her work lies on movement and rhythm. She is particularly interested in the performer-spectator relationship as well as in performance in unconventional places. From concept to performance she is producing her own work, which deals with contemporary sociopolitical issues. As a performer she has been trained with Nervousystem Theatre Company, Ireland and Odin Teatret, Denmark. She has lived and work in Greece, Ireland and Germany.

die elektroschuhe

In 2009 the four choreographers Ini Dill, Daniel Drabek, Elly Fujita and Katja Scholz formed the collective „die elektroschuhe“ as a platform for interdisciplinary theater. The group creates a space for reflection, especially upon political and social subjects and is open for other artists to join. By now it consists of twelve members. The cooperations with groups from other art fields are creating new impulses and a constant contact to the diversity of the society.

Divas Iludidas (Deluded divas)

The Divas Iludidas (Deluded Divas), Anna Ribeiro and António Duarte, started as a “political intervention” collective in 2011. Produced nine shows for diverse audiences in various spaces. Aiming to take a deep political discussion to a broader audience. In 2013 they gave the first step to develop a truly political /cultural independent action - the implementation of a cultural space in Lisbon. (Latoaria). In 2015 they moved to Berlin.

DOCK 11 GmbH

DOCK 11 (Prenzlauer Berg) EDEN***** (Pankow) combines dance education, dance production and dance presentation. This leads the artists, visitors, teachers and audience to different points of view. DOCK 11 EDEN***** focuses on interdisciplinarity of dance in cooperation with performance, literature, music, visual art and film. The theatre programme changes weekly with many premieres by artists producing their work in DOCK 11 EDEN*****. You see well-known and young choreographers. The DOCK 11 EDEN***** dance school for amateurs and professionals has 900 pupils from age two to over sixty. Many of our teachers are also members of the professional Berlin dance scene. In five studios, renowned choreographers, directors and orchestras can rehearse and the big garden offers two villas with guest rooms for artists and a daily open café.

Hysterisches Globusgefühl

Hysterisches Globusgefühl works on the interface of art and political activism. We take theatre to public space and we transfer our public space to the stage. In our projects we deal with forms of protest and social performance. We stack layers of reception and tear them down. The performances are social events that enable a liaison on different „publics“ and open absurd solution strategies to privat and public problems.

Institut für Widerstand im Postfordismus / müller*****

The (art) collective Institute for Resistance in Postfordism explores the upcoming revolution(s) 2015-2029 and works as a transdisciplinary association between art, theory and activism. For their series “Exploring Resistance in Postfordism – Work in Progress” they invite experts from theoretical and activist contexts who present forms of resistance which are then collectively developed further in an Open Space.


Since 2005, the internil Association for the Examination of Social Composition has been a quality label for theatrical services to the withering (German) public. In varying formations we devise context sensitive and pseudoparticipatory performances relying heavily on media usage. For the last years, we have been working exclusively with collected internet material and digital technologies. Our focus is propaganda.


Interrobang is a Berlin based performance group consisting of Till Müller-Klug, Nina Tecklenburg, Lajos Talamonti and guests. Over the course of their funding in the “Doppelpass” program Interrobang developed its own format for the performative visualization of the future: the preenactment. „Preenacting Europe“ – a participative performance about the future of Europe  – is currently touring internationally and was performed at the former Czechoslovakian Parliament in Prague in November 2015.

Lea Pischke

Lea Pischke is a choreographer and dancer from Germany, France and the UK, residing in Berlin. She is interested in structural phenomena occurring on either a societal level or reflected through pure abstraction away from reality. Thanks to her education in dance, fine art and music technology Lea regularly shifts her perspective on a topic beyond disciplines in order to meet the topic‘s demands as freely and as unrestricted from the confines of genre as is possible.

MS Schrittmacher

MS Schrittmacher grapple for nearly 18 years in various formats with socio-political issues. The group operates at the interface of dance, drama, performance and installation, working increasingly in recent years in public space and experimenting with new formats audience. After their two-year examination of the financial crisis, MS Schrittmacher 2016/17 deal with the different faces of war.

Multicultural City

multicultural city is a collective of artists, which was founded by Monika Dobrowlanska in September 2012: We are looking for an artistic involvement with the living situation of social marginal and minority groups. We are inspired by the location of Berlin as multicultural metropolis. We claim that different religions, skin colours and worldviews belong to Germany. We explore and develop experimental stage varieties which result from the encounter of different cultures and arts.

post theater

post theater (founded 1999 in New York) is a media-performance unit under the artistic direction of Hiroko Tanahashi and Max Schumacher. Their productions are usually research-based and deal with cultural-historical analysis of technology, such as natural resources (petroleum, fish, coffee) or visionary entrepreneurs like Akio Morita (SONY), Steve Jobs and Robert Bosch (“Jobs in Heaven”, 2014). post theater presented in more than 20 countries (in Asia, Europe and the US).

Schauplatz International Berlin  

Schauplatz International now consisting of three core members, is continuously working together with various other artists. The concept of this Swiss/German theater group, its attitude towards conventional representation on stage and its intense elaboration of political and social themes, make it one of the most interesting independant groups in the German speaking region.

Simone Dede Ayivi 
Simone Dede Ayivi is a graduate of the University of Hildesheim. She currently lives in Berlin as a writer and theatre producer. Her multi-media performance „Krieg der Hörnchen“ connects migration discourses with discussions around invasive species and uses sound collage as well as video projections to negotiate German nationalism, Teutophilia and xenophobia. Her latest performance „Performing Back“ addresses the 1884 Berlin Conference from an Afro-German perspective.  

Theater o.N.  

Theater o.N., formerly Zinnober, is a collective of actors and puppeteers, musicians, directors and playwrights who have produced theater for children and adults in alternating constellations for 30 years. 2014 it received the George-Tabori-Prize. Since the beginnings Theater o.N. works with the methods of biographical theater and creates most of its performances without a drama base.

Theaterdiscounter / Monologfestival 2016  

Each issue of the Theaterdiscounter Berlin MONOLOGFESTIVAL initialises about 10 new theatre solos on a common socially relevant topic. These new independent theatre productions and performances sum up to a many-voiced discourse during the festival; but they do as well exist as the multitude of aesthetical and substantial autonomous single statements. As such – also since there is no stage decoration – they are ideally suited für touring. Next issue October 2016!

Turbo Pascal  

Theatre as a meeting place: One of Turbo Pascal´s primary fields of interest is how people organise their shared lives in the contemporary world. Using fact and fiction Turbo Pascal create multi-voice imaginative experiments and scenarios, mostly involving the public. Do we think better together or alone?

Ulrike Düregger & Compagnie 

Ulrike Düregger & Compagnie is an alternating, multiethnic theatre assembly. In multilingual performances which come into being by performative experimenting in extraordinary non-theatre venues like the foreigner authority in Berlin, music and physical expression are the creative motor. So far the austrian artist showed intercultural topics such as „Love in interracial relations“ and „Violence - forgive or reconcile“. At the moment she works on „Refugees Waiting for Go.Dot“.